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At Mercurious Developments

as property developers in Mallorca, we aim to provide an outstanding quality product and unsurpassed service, that delivers premium value. Our team is at the leading edge of modern, innovative and exciting living structures. We believe that only through rigorous planning, oversight and quality control can true excellence be attained in all of our new luxury real estate projects.

Our Luxury Projects

Each property brings its unique living experience

Price: €400.000 - 1.400.0000

Completion: 2017


Palma’s Hidden Gem


2-4 Beds


4 Baths

Price: € 3.800.000

Completion: 2024

Under Construction

4 Bedroom Family Home in the Heart of Palma


4 Beds


4 Baths

Price: €4.000.000

Completion: 2021


Unique Living with Unmatched Sea Views


5 En-suites


7 Baths

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Why Mercurious Developments

At Mercurious Developments, we aim to bring you exclusive quality, unique living experiences, and most of all a property you will love.

Exciting, innovative & enjoyable

We build places that are exciting, at the cutting edge of innovation and enjoyable to live in.

Better security, better safety

All properties equipped with surveillance cameras that run continuously.

Highly ranked energy efficiency

Our properties are ranked at the highest level of efficiency recognisable by Mallorca building standards.

Unique locations

We place you in the most special and convenient of places.

We Support
The Joyron Foundation

Helping underprivileged and special needs children of Mallorca.

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