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Matthew Kimpton

I believe we are the preeminent provider of superior construction projects and services by consistently supplying the highest standard products; to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance and quality control. Originating from New Zealand i try to bring some our most famous concepts, such as beautiful designed and built spacious apartments and homes, with energy efficiency paramount, and generous outdoor living spaces combined with abundance of flora and fauna to my projects here in beautiful Mallorca.


Manel Mingot and Nadal A. Caldentey

Our projects are the result of a careful reflection on what surrounds them. They are not the result of a casual intuition, they seek to enter into resonance with the environment, acquiring strength and vitality of them, contributing in its materialization fusion and own character.

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Sandy Graham

‘SeeSite Spatial Design& CGI/AR for Marine & land-based Construction’ is based in Spain and uses computer technology to Design and Create your Project in 3D, then offer photo-realistic Visualisations/ Interactive 3D models & Augmented ‘scale’ reproductions of your planned projects.

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Luis Ávila

The correct management and good quality control in the execution, with the purpose of generating personal and customer satisfactions.

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Biel Batle Mercé

I am a technical architect and project manager, I like to take care of all the small details in every project that I par-take in. I love working in a team as I believe that we are stronger together.

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